If you are considering hiring a commercial real estate attorney, this is for you. Having a commercial real estate attorney on your side can save you time and money and prevent unnecessary stress. 

This blog post explains what a commercial real estate lawyer does and why you need them if you are looking to invest in commercial real estate. 

Why Do You Need A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer 

Commercial real estate lawyers are attorneys who specialize in helping clients navigate the maze of laws and regulations that govern commercial properties and investments in them. 

If you own property or have investments in properties that are located in Illinois and the rest of the United States, you must have an expert attorney who has specific experience working with commercial real estate types of transactions. They will advise you regarding technical and complex legal matters associated with owning property in this environment. 

One of the most important things a commercial real estate lawyer can do for you is negotiating your leases. If you are purchasing a commercial property, one of your most significant expenses will be rental payments, so you need to ensure that you get it right from the start. Our attorneys can also help you to avoid making costly mistakes like signing an unfair lease or agreeing to an unfair option fee for a renewal period. A poorly-negotiated or unenforceable lease could cost you thousands of dollars down the road in fines, back rent, or other penalties if there is a dispute about the lease or if you are forced to vacate the property

Here are the most significant reasons to hire our commercial real estate lawyers: 

  • We are responsible for representing our client’s interests in any legal disputes with other parties related to their property. We also counsel on real estate business strategies and negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients on real estate transactions such as leases or sales agreements. We help our clients navigate the complicated legal issues that may arise from such transactions and advise how best to handle them.
  • If necessary, we represent our clients in courtrooms and negotiations with landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders. We initiate mediation between parties who are at odds over property ownership or associated terms. We also evaluate and advise on the sale or purchase of properties for our clients.
  • A good attorney prepares for the unexpected. The process of closing real estate transactions can be very complex. Your real estate attorney is most likely the only one on your team who is not interested in doing a deal. As such, we go the extra mile to prepare for surprises that may ruin our client’s position. By doing this, we help you avoid specific problems before they happen by advising you on contracts, negotiations, acquisitions, real estate transactions, taxes, liens, and documentation. 

Commercial real estate is a significant investment, so why should you risk yourself? Hiring a real estate attorney when investing in a commercial property is vital if you want your interests protected. Our attorneys can be your support system and shield. With our expert legal counsel, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. Contact us here for a consultation