If you or a loved one have been arrested for a DUI, you most likely have burning questions that need quick answers. Before anything else, you should get the services of a DUI lawyer to get you through this challenging time. DUI arrests are not convictions, but without a good attorney, they can go south quickly. 

This blog post answers the questions you may have following a DUI arrest. Read on to find out 

Do DUI charges go on Public Record? 

You most likely want to know if this incident will be on your public record and for how long it may be. Driving under the influence is either categorized as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the State. If convicted after a trial, it may be on record for as long as five to ten years. This depends on the state, and in some, it has lifelong consequences. 

The thought of this is upsetting, but you should know that if you have a great DUI lawyer, your charges can have lesser consequences. They may even be able to prevent the case from getting to trial. Even if it does, you can have the charges removed from public records 

What are the implications of a DUI conviction

A DUI conviction comes with a varied amount of penalties. A misdemeanor on your public record may impact immigration or academic requirements for school. It may also cause problems with employment as it is proprietary for employers to do background checks before employing so that they can verify your behavior. Financial institutions may also request this if you apply for loans and mortgages. However, you should know that DUI convictions on public records are not that easy to access. Even if a person is convicted, only official requests for a criminal record can prove the conviction. Courthouses and online databases may also have this information. In certain circumstances, it is possible to appeal to have your public records cleaned. You can discuss this with our attorneys. 

DUI convictions can have huge consequences on your life as they sometimes come with severe repercussions that go far beyond just losing your license or being mandated to attend drunk driving school. From fines to jail time and community service, the implications are pretty significant. Also, you will most likely be made to pay more for auto insurance after a DUI conviction. 

If you are worried about the impact of a DUI conviction on your record, you should know that the rules apply differently depending on the state and situation. This is why you are better off with an attorney with substantial knowledge and experience. 

Our attorneys can help you fight for reduced penalties, even if dropping the charges is proving impossible. 

We have a track record of winning cases and can help you acquire the best outcomes. We have experience handling cases like yours, and you can rest assured your defense is in the most capable hands. If you live in Illinois and are facing a DUI charge, contact us here today.