Having to file for bankruptcy is a heavy decision to make, but it is sometimes the necessary one for your financial health. When you file for bankruptcy, you do so with the hope that it gives an extent of relief from your financial problems and allows you to start over. But some things can go wrong along the way—and if they do, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate them. Your bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand your options and ensure you have a clear understanding of what bankruptcy can offer you.

One of the drawbacks of filing for bankruptcy is the long wait the petition takes. While this waiting period can feel like an eternity, it allows your lawyer time to prepare your case and ensure everything goes smoothly during court proceedings. If something goes wrong during this time, it could potentially cause court delays or even prevent your case from being resolved properly. 

What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Do? 

A bankruptcy lawyer specializes in providing legal advice about filing for bankruptcy, prepares the required documents, and represents clients in court proceedings about it. Bankruptcy law can be pretty complicated, and this is why you need an expert on your side. Personal filing for bankruptcy does not legally require attorney representation, but you are better off for many reasons to have a skilled attorney representing you. If you choose not to hire one, you should know that you will be responsible for any errors you make. Missing a deadline or failing to give an accurate response could mean your case is dismissed. If you fail to disclose assets, you may be charged with fraud, which is punishable by fines and jail time. 

How Can A Bankruptcy Lawyer Help You?

At the Law Offices of Lamb, Caroll, Lamb, and Cunabaugh, our bankruptcy attorneys work to not just get our clients through the process but ensure they have a chance to get back on their feet. Here is how we can help you: 

  • Our bankruptcy attorneys operate to keep your mind at ease and safeguard your interests. We answer your questions, observe your concerns, and issue guidance inspired by a practical approach and years of experience. 
  • Bankruptcy proceedings can be a lot, requiring meetings of all kinds, including with creditors. Our attorneys can speak on your behalf at these things and tactfully answer questions about your financial situation. It is our responsibility to ensure the process, no matter how hard and grueling, remains dignified. 
  • Sourcing and filing paperwork may be one of the most complicated things about filing for bankruptcy. Still, you do not have to worry about this or the technicalities of it with our bankruptcy lawyers by your side. 
  • Our bankruptcy attorneys are present for you from the initial stages of filing to even after the case has been heard. We follow up and closely monitor the discharge to ensure that you are legally released from liability at the end of the proceeding. We can help identify problems and provide legal advice to protect yourself from future situations.

It would help if you had sound legal advice and experienced hands to aid you through this difficult time. If you need experienced lawyers you can trust, contact us here.